Saturday, March 21, 2009

What to do when there's a glut of atheist blogs

I've been wondering for awhile what to do with this blog.

There are a plethora of atheist blogs out there, most of which all discuss the same topics, and try to drum up indignant outrage or mockery at something or other the Christians are doing in the media.  Or they just rehash all the arguments for and against god.

I'm over all that.  That's part of why I haven't posted since January.

But I also don't want to stop the blog.  I find it's useful to get my thoughts on the page.  Plus I've made some friends and I don't want to break up with them, lol.

[aside:  I'm distracted because I'm currently watching Be Kind Rewind - it started off pretty underwhelming, but is getting pretty good now].

So I predict tht my blog, if it is going to survive, will evolve.  Not into the lame ego-driven laundry list of "things I did today".  But it will probably become more random; I'll post on whatever topics are on my mind at the moment, whether a full entry or only a few sentences.  I'm always fascinated with fringe culture; I'll probably muse on those things.
  Of course, it will continue from the atheist/skeptical perspective. 

Umm, so yeah. 


Anonymous said...

Dude, that's what having a blog is all about! :) I posted on a flight simulator I tried out once, and I just said "The reason this is on my atheist blog is because I did it, and I am an atheist." :) lol.

Anonymous said...

I found this for you, you probably won't like it anymore after you see this:

:) lol