Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Christian Bias and Republican Presidents

I'm coming off of last night's Super Tuesday feeling pretty good about our country.

I mean, sure I voted for Obama in my state's primary, but that isn't what I'm talking about; I'd be happy with either Obama or Clinton as the nominee. No, I'm talking about the Republican race. Getting John McCain as the Republican nominee is just what this country needs.

As anyone that has been paying attention knows, Mitt Romney's faith is an important part of his political beliefs. He seems to make clear that there really is no room for people who have no faith. Even worse is Mike Huckabee, an ordained minister who all but admitted in a televised debate that he's a creationist. These two men should raise chills in anyone of rational thought.

Luckily for us, there's two of them.

Since Romney is a Mormon, we can see the results of conservative Christians who don't really feel that Mormonism counts as Christianity, and who are voting for Huckabee. Yet conservative Christians are seeing they don't have as much power as they like to bluff - while Huckabee has the South in his grip, he's a distant third with no chance of winning.

As pundits have noticed, with Romney and Huckabee splitting the religious wackos, a more reasoned candidate is coming to the fore, one who really doesn't feel all that highly about the evangelicals.

And now conservatives are starting to say... "Ooops."

Yes, I have a smile on my face today, wider than the one I already had because of my snow day!


Susan said...

Yeah, while you were smiling and having a snow day, some of us were slogging our way to work.

We were not smiling.

However, we can only hope that the general public gets a clue about some of these scary right-wing candidates. It makes me tremble in fear that they have held any kind of public office. That means someone, somewhere voted for them.

NikBv said...

Heh. Reading the reviews for your book on Amazon. Two reviews, both of them positive.

And, apparently, one of them mentions my essay specifically. Right on.

Susan said...


If you are the person who wrote the essay "Religion, Why?", my hat is off to you!

I also mentioned it in my full review on The Information Paradox HERE.