Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama and the KKK

I've long wondered what the attitude of the white Supremacists are doing and saying about Obama's rise to power and the Democratic nomination for president.

I recently saw that David Duke, the famous Neo-nazi and former head of the KKK, thinks that it is a good thing for America. Not because Obama is an acceptable guy, but because... well, here it is in his words:

Obama is like that big dark spot on your arm that finally sends you to the doctor for some real medicine. Obama is the pain that lets your body know that something is dreadfully wrong.
Obama lets the American people know that there is a real cancer eating away at the heart of our country...

Ok, I'll stop there. You get the idea.  Basically, Duke believes that America needs Obama to win in order for whites to realize that they've given up their country to blacks and to begin to take it back.

The Southern Poverty Law Center published an article quoting a forum comment on a Neo-Nazi website:  "He will make things so bad for white people that hopefully they will finally realize how stupid they were for admiring these jigaboos all these years."

Wow. And here I was, afraid that they'd just try to assassinate him. I'm so old fashioned.
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