Friday, July 18, 2008

A note on "Hater's Corner"

Some people wonder why I decide to sometimes give a little blog space to what the racist Neo-Nazis, KKK members, anti-gay bigots, etc. are up to.

Other people wonder where I get this stuff from.

Let me answer the first question first.  It's easy for most of us to assume that racism, homophobia, etc. are just rare blots on the face of an increasingly compassionate, educated, and reasonable world.  And I do think that things are getting better every day, with every generation.

However, those haters are still there, still thriving.  They tend not to advertise their opinions to those of us in the mainstream, because they know they're not appreciated.  But that doesn't mean that they've all "learned their lesson".  In fact, with Obama as the nation's first real African-American candidate for president, issues of race are pushing closer to the surface than they have in awhile.

So I put examples of this dark ignorance up for examination, to expose it, to remind myself (and by extension, you) that the world is not all warm and fuzzy, that we still need to fight for human rights for all people.  Besides which, religion is often an underpinning for these beliefs.  The technical term for activities like this is "opposition research".

As for where I get this stuff, well, I'll just say that it's not too hard to find these websites and forums if you really want to find them.  I generally will not give out web addresses just because I don't want to help publicize them.  I do this research and report on it so you don't have to.

It's all part of my atheistic belief that we can't rely on supernatural beings to take care of us - we need to do it ourselves.

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