Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Pentacostalgon and Hater's Corner

There is a story making the news right now about an Army soldier down the road from me at Ft. Riley.  He was a Baptist and went to Iraq at 19 years old.  Then he became an atheist and was discriminated against.  He's actually suing the government for trying to make the military a Christian organization.

There's a good video about it from "AC 360" on CNN.  I can't figure out how to put a CNN video on this page, so you'll have to go here.

It almost makes me want to join the military just so I can be an open atheist.  And an open gay guy.

Except I would probably end up being killed by "friendly fire".


In today's episode of "Hater's corner", we have a White Nationalist (which are people like members of the KKK or neo-Nazis, etc., who want to keep their countries racially, ethnically, and sexually "pure") who is wondering why so many other white people don't agree with him.  Here is his post:

I just want to know how much stupid liberal brainwashed anti-racist white people are against, are white nationalist beliefs. It seems like alot of people are against us and are movement, so does anyone have an estiment of how much retards disagree with us white nationalist?

And here is the answer, from another guy who has apparently thought this through:

jews if you consider them white. white homosexuals, white liberals, white diseased, mixed raced whites, whites that want to save the world, whites that do drugs, whites that molster and rape. etc etc its just commonsense just keep it simple
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