Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our president at the Olympics

So President Bush went to China and gave a speech the day before the opening ceremony criticizing their government for repressive rule over human rights and religious freedom.  He said,

Change in China will arrive on its own terms and in keeping with its own history and its own traditions.  Yet change will arrive. And it will be clear for all to see that those who aspire to speak their conscience and worship their God are no threat to the future of China.

The Chinese government got pissed off and told him to mind his own business.

Anyway, after letting the Chinese government know that Christianity is cool, he went and hung out with the Olympic women's volleyball team.



Jojo Chintoh said...

Those pictures are hilarious!

What a loser!

Counting the days...

AdamH said...

He thinks the Chinese government will let people worship God according to their conscience?

He IS nuts. The officially atheistic Chinese government has killed thousands of Christians over the past 20 years. (Amnesty International)

Who ya kiddin, Mr. Donovan?