Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hater's Corner: Movie Review

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I'm not sure how many people saw the Will Smith superhero flick Hancock this summer. The critics were split on this one, but I really liked it.

Anyway, tooling through the scummy underbelly of the web, I came across this review of Hancock from a person known charmingly as "Reaper for the Reich". Just so you know, he goes through the whole plot of the movie, so there are spoilers if you haven't seen it yet.

Um, enjoy... or something.



What a pile of negro loving trash this film is.

I knew it as soon as I saw the trailers. Some negro superhero movie. I refused to give it a dime or my time. However the “Whites” at work were raving about how great it was so curiosity pressed me and I wanted to know what the deal was. I didn’t give it a cent but I did waste my time watching it. Anyone who knows about the net knows how to get movies for free. So that’s what I did.

The movie stars:
Will Smith (rap negro)
Charlize Theron (one of the most beautiful White actresses in Hollywood)
Jason Bateman (a no talent Hollywood jew actor)

The film starts out well enough with Hancock (Will Smith) being a drunken foul-mouthed ebonics speaking negroid with “superpowers”. He goes on a few jaunts stopping criminals and flies around town like a bum with a liquor bottle in his hand reminding me of “Handy Man” from the TV show In Living Color.
Finally he rescues some jew carpetbagger (Jason Bateman) from getting hit by a train who is trying to peddle a sham heart icon to corporations in the name of charity. Jew boy sees Hancock as a new moneymaking opportunity and P.R. tool and invites him home for “meatballs”.

As soon as jew boy brings negro Hancock home his wife (Charlize Theron) immediately begins giving Hancock the “F*#k me” eyes. Which continues for the rest of the film. The sexual tension between the two is extremely blatant. This culminates with Charlize and Hancock sharing a kiss that reveals her super power, and that they were married some 80 years before. But jew boy (Jason Bateman) is cool with the love affair between his negro pet Hancock and his Aryan wife (Charlize) and takes it all in stride because he knows he would get his ass kicked if he said anything and he has profit on his mind.

However it turns out that some goofy White criminal who looks like a casting call bank robber reject from the movie Heat has it out for Hancock and when Hancock and (Charlize) are together they are no longer immortal. The bank robber and his gang attack Hancock and (Charlize) while they are together and what one suffers the other does as well. When Hancock gets shot Charlize suffers it as well and she is on the verge of dying until her husband (jew boy Jason Bateman) disposes of the bank robber ringleader. But Charlize is still on the verge of death so Hancock starts doing what he does best. He jumps over busses and cars and finally to the moon. Somehow this restarts the heart of Charlize and he saves her life.

It ends with Hancock perched atop a skyscraper with a “blue toof” on his ear letting jew boy and Charlize know that they will change the world. Charlize then longingly stares at the moon as if she misses and can’t wait for that big black Hancock to come back to her.

This is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The story and content are absolutely repulsive, the cgi is terrible, and it is about the most ant-white movie I have ever seen.


Elliey said...


Its finally about time someone tells me the TRUTH of this stupid movie that im not the only one that just saw something wrong with it and a very nice way of describing it to us in a way that doesn't antagonize you to much XD

I fucking HATE THIS MOVIE! if the plot wasnt so bad i wouldnt be spewing out shitty racial slurs at it.

Northwest Front said...

Right on Paul!

Sadly C. Theron is a beautiful White woman who dances as her race (White South Africans) are being treated to a black genocide. She walks around with her niglet on her hip, being on of the 'elite' who have picked up negros as fashion accessories.